Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Study Guide

•Jaeger et al. (2006) found that 99.6% of all public libraries provided Internet access on their public terminals. However, there were still things related to that access that continued the digital divide. What were the issues?
o Insufficient bandwidth and broadband
o Rural libraries have less access to workstations, non-filtered workstations, high-speed connectivity, and wireless Internet
o Public libraries are running out of space to provide sufficient workstations
•Significant disparities exist as to whom has access and where adequate public access to the internet is possible. At issue are
o The degree to which it should be national policy to reduce these disparities and work toward providing equal access to Internet information and services
o The rights of citizens to adequate access of the Internet and the range of information and services the Internet allows
o The societal or financial costs associated with being digitally inclusive versus digitally exclusive

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