Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exam 3 review

Chatman's theories about life in the round are similar to the experiences in Legacy in this way:

Chatman believes that life in the round sis a public form of life in which things are implicitly understood. In this round, there is a small world that establishes primary insiders. Also within the round there are social norms and types which tell us if our behavior is appropriate or not. Also, these norms and their acceptance (or lack thereof) help to create our worldview, held by boundaries of language, values, and symbols. Without a particular need or urgency, people in the round will seldom cross boundaries of their world to seek information.

These ideas of life in the round can be seen in Legacy because these characters have set for themselves worldviews that they are unwilling to cross. Due to self-protecting behaviors, we will not do something that others in our round deem inapporpriate, therefore limiting ourselves to only living in our world. The characters of Legacy were very stuck in their worldviews and ideas of social norms that they only began to cross them when it became clear there was a pressing need, and that their lives in the round were no longer functioning in ways that were beneficial to them.

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